Saturday, October 1, 2016

Whimsical Rings


Looking for some unique rings to add some personal flare to your outfit? Look no more. Illasparkz is back with Bigger, Better, Bad ass bling..... want to get your digits on this special piece? Search Racheal, you'll gasp once you see how affordable she is!

Search: Roxanna

As the seasons change so do our styles and moods. Instead of splurging on a new wardrobe, recycle some pieced and and some new jewels to reinvent a new outfit. These rings come in several sizes and we even have stretch band rings for larger fingers.

Search: Roxan
 Have you started prepping for Halloween? This cool ring reminds of us a spider web! Instead of buying a bunch of costume jewelry you'll never use again,, buy quality pieces. Choose from dozens of pieces you can work into your Halloween costume. Now that's what I call a treat.

Search: Klee
Looking for a gift for your Autumn sweetie? Present these whimsical pieces and you're guaranteed a smile. Whether its bright colored birth stones, Trendy edgy pieces or classic staples Illasparkz has it all.

Search: Jenny (Left)                                    Soraya (Right)

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